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Lagos57 is that platform that helps Local, State and other public sector authorities engage and involve communities with projects.

Falomo Towers

The Chairman’s main role is to run council meetings. The Chairman is responsible for ensuring that effective and lawful decisions are taken at meetings of the council and, assisted by the clerk, guides activities by managing the meetings of the council. View Members

A Ward is administered by a Councillor, who reports directly to the LGA Chairman. The Councillors fall under the legislative arm of the local government, the third tier of government in Nigeria, below the state governments and the federal government. View Councilors 

The National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a bicameral legislature established under section 4 of the Nigerian Constitution. It consists of a Senate with 109 members and a 360-member House of Representatives. View Members 

The House of Representatives is the lower chamber of Nigeria’s bicameral National Assembly. The Senate is the upper chamber. The House of Representatives has 360 members who are elected in single-member constituencies using the plurality system. Members serve four-year terms View Members

The Senate is the upper chamber of Nigeria’s bicameral legislature, the National Assembly of Nigeria. The National Assembly is the nation’s highest legislature, whose power is to make laws, is summarized in chapter one, section four of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution View Members 


Why Lagos57

Engaging with communities innovatively

The community can be digitally involved with the services council offers, making the experience feel tailored to them. 

Our tools also allow local government to place a council-created form/process into a shared library, effectively allowing councils to crowd source from other councils, giving them access to already proven processes.

Our solutions are built for the local government sector by people who have worked within and alongside local government for many years. Our tools are always up to date, run on highly available cloud infrastructure, and are designed for the end-user making it cost effective for local government.

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